San Francisco, more commonly referred to, as San Pancho is a modest pueblo situated just 25 miles north of Puerta Vallarta. The small community was developed in the 1970's by President Luis Echeverria who fell in love with the area and wanted to shape a model town. He gave families small parcels of land in the village in exchange for their labor to build roads, schools, the hospital and the many fruit orchards that supplied a living for the families. The President was forced to leave the country to avoid criminal charges and San Pancho was left to thrive on its own. With it's pristine beach and lush jungle backdrop San Pancho did continue to thrive. Many North Americans have since discovered the quaint little village and lost their hearts to San Pancho. Resulting in an increase in vacation homes and shops, but the town more closely resembles a Mexican fishing village than a resort.

Today San Pancho has many of the original families still inhabiting the pueblo. They own the local shops and restaurants. In many respects when visiting San Pancho it is like stepping back in time when everyone in a village knows everyone else. The children can ride their bikes and walk freely from home to school. You will see young children going to the store on their own to purchase ice cream or pushing their younger sibling in a baby cart. It is a safe feeling knowing there is such trust in a community and the people are so caring and happy. Meeting the people of San Pancho may be the highlight of your trip as they are friendly and more than willing to make your vacation memorable. So, come join us in this magical place where you can surf by day and be serenaded by night. Let your dreams be filled in Casa de Suenos Magicos.

The town has many fine restaurants to enjoy including: The San Pancho Café, Café del Mar, La Ola Rica, Maria's Deli Café, the new Polo Lounge & Restaurant and next door the Mar Plata to name of few. There are many quaint shops lining the cobblestone streets. The San Pancho Surf Shop rent's boards and arranges fishing trips or boating excursions.


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